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New Jersey Annual Assessment

New Jersey Annual Assessment

Around the end of July of every year the State of New Jersey issues a bill to all employers for an “Annual Assessment”.  This is a mandatory tax which is not part of your normal payroll tax.

It is a similar envelope in which New Jersey sends delinquency notices, therefore it is easy to be confused with a penalty notice.  An example of the notice can be found at NJ Annual Assessment .

Please write a check to “State of New Jersey” for the amount due on this notice.  In the check memo write in “Annual Assessment” and your EIN number as noted on top right hand corner of this notice.  Send in the envelope provided by the State.

New Jersey does charge penalties and interest for late/nonpayment of this assessment.  The penalties are charged by the Department of Labor.

Any questions regarding this assessment should be directed to the NJ Assessment Office at 609-292-7397 or email